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Repair Services

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Repairs include the following and more!

  • Woodwind instruments

    • changing a torn or missing pads

    • replacing missing key corks

    • leveling pads that are not covering tone holes properly,

    • re-rounding a poorly fitting tenon,

    • straightening bent keys,

    • replacing a broken spring,

    • repairing any problem to make it play better.

  • Brass instruments

    • standard cleaning and lubrication

    • polish and fix scratches

    • soldier loose or missing braces

    • dent removal and repair

    • trombone slide adjustments


Get Quality Repairs at Excellent Prices

Every musician knows that playing an instrument is pretty much like driving a car. You need to maintain and take care of  your instrument and that is what we are here for. If you think that your instrument could use a little fixing or a lot, our experts who are in charge of dent repair will fit it and no time.


Our staff has been repairing instruments for our customers for over 30 years. They are knowledgeable when it comes to removing dents from trombones and trumpets to resetting pad clarinets and saxophones. Our experts can also fix complicated repairs and overhaul your instrument to put in into playing condition. You can count on us for trustworthy work and guaranteed customer service every time.

Contact us today for a FREE estimate on the repairs your need..

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